Limited users may cross-post digital collectibles like NFTs on Facebook and Instagram thanks to Meta.

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Users will be able to cross-post non-fungible tokens (NFTs) across Facebook and Instagram starting this week, according to Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta. This will initially only apply to a small number of US-based companies. By simply needing a one-time wallet connection on either Facebook or Instagram, the social media behemoths want to make it simpler for users to share their "digital valuables." The corporation, which is trying to start integrating cryptocurrencies across all of its platforms, made the statement less than a month after initially releasing a digital wallet integration.

"We've begun enabling users to publish digital treasures that they possess across both Facebook and Instagram as we continue to roll out digital collectibles on those platforms. People will be able to transfer their digital valuables between both apps by connecting their digital wallets to any one of them once "In a newly updated blog post, Meta said. There are no expenses associated with posting NFTs on Facebook or Instagram, and the owner and creator are both immediately labeled, according to Meta.

Given that the distinction between Facebook and Instagram has been increasingly hazy as parent firm Meta explores Web 3, the merger shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Meta has developed a lot of features that strengthen the connection between Facebook and Instagram since since it purchased Instagram ten years ago.

For instance, Facebook Pay must be set up and joined in order to use Instagram Payments to make purchases or run advertisements through the photo-sharing platform. Instagram Stories may also be cross-posted to Facebook, as can Instagram posts.

CEO of Ava Labs denies claims that there was payment made to sue rivals.

Regarding its foray into the world of digital collectibles, Meta first made known its intentions to do so back in May, observing that creators were starting to use new technologies like NFTs to gain more control over their creations, their interactions with their fans, and the ways in which they could monetize their work.

With support for wallets on numerous networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow, Meta's NFT initiatives have recently seen growth to 100 countries. Additional third-party support is allegedly on the horizon.


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