As September nears its conclusion, BTC and ETH experience gains, and the majority of altcoins follow suit.

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Just one day remain for September to bring this year to a close, and the price charts for cryptocurrencies have dressed in green to prepare for the holiday season in India and elsewhere in the world. On Thursday, September 29, Bitcoin entered with gains of almost 3%. According to Gadgets 360's cryptocurrency price tracker, BTC is currently worth $19,477. (roughly Rs. 15.8 lakh). Gains are also shown alongside Bitcoin on international exchanges. According to CoinMarketCap and Binance, the price of BTC on international exchanges is $19,509 (or around Rs. 16 lakh).

As a result of Ethereum's eagerly anticipated Merge upgrade's successful rollout on Thursday, Ether also saw gains comparable to those of Bitcoin. ETH is currently valued at $1,335 (approximately Rs. 1.08 lakh), up 3.71 percent, according to Gadgets 360's cryptocurrency tracker.

Most alternative cryptocurrencies followed the top two and increased their portfolios' earnings.

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They include, among others, Ripple, Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, and Binance Coin.

Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, which were both inspired by memes, also experienced rises of 2.23 and 2.44 percent, respectively. Their current values are $0.060 (or around 4.93 rupees) and $0.000011 (or roughly 0.000909 rupees), respectively.

According to data from CoinMarketCap, the value of the cryptocurrency market is currently $941.32 billion (approximately Rs. 76,80,268 crore), up 3.67 percent overall.

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A few cryptocurrencies did, however, cause the cryptocurrency charts to turn red in the interim.

The prices of Tether, Binance USD, Chainlink, Cosmos, and Stellar all decreased somewhat but noticeably.


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