iPhone 14 Launch: 14 Things to Know Before Apple's "Far Out" Event on September 7

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Apple's September 7 'Far Out' event is rapidly approaching, and the company is expected to unveil the rumored iPhone 14 series. According to reports, the company's next-generation smartphone series experienced several ups and downs prior to the launch event. The impact of global events, such as China-US geopolitical tensions, the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, and lockdowns in China due to the spread of COVID-19, among others, was so great that previous reports suggested Apple may have to delay the launch and shipments of the forthcoming handsets.

Ahead of Apple's upcoming "Far Out" event next week, here are 14 bullet points summarizing everything we've learned about Apple's upcoming handsets over the past few months and what you can expect from the event.

What should we anticipate from Apple's "Far Out" event?

Apple has announced that the Far Out event will take place on September 7 this year. The company is anticipated to release the iPhone 14 series of mobile devices. Alongside the iPhone 14 models, Cupertino-based technology company Apple is anticipated to introduce a new generation of Apple Watch models, possibly dubbed the Apple Watch Series 8. According to rumors, the series will receive a Pro variant that could be a rugged option for sports enthusiasts.

iPhone 14 Series Reportedly Sources 82% of Its Displays from Samsung: DSCC

The iPhone 14 series is anticipated to consist of four models: the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Max, the iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Those with the suffix 'Max' are said to have displays that are larger than the other two. Apple is also expected to differentiate between Pro and non-Pro models in terms of hardware.

This year, according to rumors regarding the iPhone 14, the iPhone's design will change. Since the introduction of iPhone X, Apple has adhered to the same notched design. Although there have been minor alterations to the size of the notch on the iPhone 13 series, the iPhone 14 models are anticipated to feature pill-shaped and hole-punch cutouts. It should be noted that Face ID will continue to be the only biometric option for unlocking smartphones.

The iPhone 14 and 14 Pro are rumored to feature 6.1-inch displays. It is possible that the iPhone 14 Max and iPhone Pro Max will feature 6.7-inch displays.

iPhone 15 May Be Produced in India and China Simultaneously: Ming-Chi Kuo

As previously mentioned, Apple has been able to reduce the size of the infamous notch over the years, but it now appears to be prepared to eliminate the notch entirely. A recent report suggested that the Cupertino-based company may have used a patented light-folding projector to reduce the notch and accommodate the sophisticated Face ID technology within the pill-shaped cutout. The cutout is rumored to contain multiple components, including a camera, an infrared (IR) light emitter, and a "light folding element" that may have allowed Apple to offer a larger display area by redirecting the IR light.

Remember that we mentioned the "hardware distinction between the Pro and non-Pro models?" According to reports, the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro models will be powered by the new A16 Bionic chip, while the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will be equipped with the A15 Bionic chip found in the iPhone 13 models. What could be the explanation? Here is a link to our podcast article on iPhone 14 models that you may wish to read prior to listening.

"How much does the iPhone 14 cost?" will likely be the most frequently asked question in the coming days. Frankly, there has been a great deal of activity on the front. According to some reports, the iPhone 14 Pro models will be $100 (approximately Rs. 8,000) more expensive than the iPhone 13 Pro models. However, the iPhone 14 price in India is reportedly an entirely different equation. In addition to the rumored "price increases and higher shipment proportion," the deteriorating value of the rupee against the dollar may result in a significant price difference between the iPhone 14 and its predecessors. In addition, the iPhone 14 may be available for purchase approximately 10 days after its debut.

iPhone 14 Max Might Have the Name iPhone 14 Plus,

The iPhone 14 is anticipated to begin at $749. (roughly 60,000). Apple is anticipated to employ a prudent pricing strategy to avoid negatively impacting sales performance.

iPhone models have become synonymous with excellent cameras, and the iPhone 14 series is rumored to once again raise the bar (Read our review of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max). Apple is anticipated to include a main camera sensor with 48 megapixels. It is also rumored to feature an improved ultra-wide camera due to the inclusion of a 1.4m image sensor (compared to 1.0m on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max).

Additionally, the iPhone 14 series is anticipated to support 30W wired charging. The iPhone 13 Pro appears to support 23W, while the iPhone Pro Max supports 27W USB-PD adapters.

Satellites and the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup could have a new connection, which could be announced on September 7. According to a number of reports, Apple is developing a method for communicating with individuals when there is no cellular coverage. Accordingly, the company reportedly concluded hardware testing of the iPhone 14's satellite communication feature before the device went on sale to the general public. Similarly, it has been reported that the rumored Apple Watch Pro will include the same feature.

Apple announced iOS 16 at this year's WWDC and stated that it will be released concurrently with the iPhone 14 series. You can read our coverage of the cosmetic and security features that iOS 16 will introduce.

A few weeks ago, online reports suggested that Apple will manufacture some iPhone 14 series handsets in India. This would not only help Apple reduce the likelihood of shipment problems due to the anticipated recession, but it would also be a monumental opportunity for India to contribute to the growth of its manufacturing sector.

iPhone SE 4 Reported to Have the Same Design as iPhone XR:

India's production of iPhone 14 models has its own history, and China is reportedly at the center of Apple's problems. First, the increase in COVID-19 cases in China prompted the government to impose a lockdown, which negatively impacted the already struggling (due to the conflict in Russia and Ukraine) production of iPhone 14 components.

The deteriorating US-China geopolitical relations with regard to Taiwan also prompted Apple to seek out alternative iPhone markets. As mentioned previously, some iPhone 14 models will be manufactured in India, but the production gap between India and China is said to be closing. Apple is wary of India's strict product secrecy regulations.

As previously mentioned, Apple's launch event on September 7 may also feature the introduction of the rumored Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Pro. According to reports, the Apple Watch Series 8 may be available in 41mm and 45mm case sizes. The Pro model is also said to have satellite communication capabilities and a 47mm flat screen design.

One Final Thing! The iPhone 14 is rumored to be available in Green, Purple, Blue, Black, White, and Red, whereas the iPhone 14 Pro is anticipated to be available in Green, Purple, Silver, Gold, and Graphite. We anticipate learning more about these color options in the coming days.


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