According to a report, Apple is expected to release a foldable iPad before a foldable iPhone in 2024.

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Before releasing a foldable iPhone, Apple may introduce a foldable tablet in 2024. This forecast was provided by the analyst firm CCS Insights in its annual report on Tuesday. The company anticipates that the Cupertino company would forego the foldable smartphone craze in favor of a high-end iPad with a flexible display. This policy appears to be in direct opposition to that of other smartphone manufacturers, such as Samsung, which has introduced four iterations of its foldable Galaxy Z Fold smartphone.

Apple will release a foldable iPad in 2024 before attempting to introduce a foldable iPhone, according to CCS Insights' "Predictions for 2023 and Beyond." It is anticipated that this revolutionary tablet with a flexible display would cost in the "super-premium" level.

Ben Wood, the chief research officer at CCS Insight, told CNBC in an interview that the Cupertino company would take a big risk by introducing a foldable iPhone. To avoid hurting sales of other current models, Apple may have to set the price of this foldable iPhone about $2,500 (around Rs. 2,06,000). Comparatively, the starting price of the current top-of-the-line iPhone 14 Pro Max is Rs. 1,39,900.

With a 10.9-inch screen, no home button, and USB Type-C, Apple updates the iPad.

Wood speculates that Apple may also be attempting to prevent any negative publicity from any technological problems with a foldable iPhone. Instead, it may "breathe new life" into the iPad via technology.

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A recent story claims that Apple has obtained a patent for a foldable display that has self-healing capabilities. According to this ground-breaking technology, a display may recover from dents and even scratches. It is thought that the healing substance is formed of elastomer. This layer could be under the entire display or in the flexible portion of the screen. The report further asserts that self-healing will occur naturally.


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