Apple Requests Suppliers to Reduce Carbon Emissions; New European Solar and Wind Energy Investments Announced

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On Tuesday, Apple announced new investments in solar and wind energy projects in Europe and urged its suppliers to decarbonize activities associated with the manufacture of iPhones and other products.

By 2030, the corporation promised to completely eliminate carbon emissions from all aspect of its operations, including all of its goods and extensive supply chain, which stretches from Brazil to Vietnam.

The iPhone manufacturer will now demand that its supply partners report on their progress toward the carbon neutrality goals, particularly the reductions in Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, related to the manufacturing of Apple goods, and will audit their progress annually.

According to an Apple executive, Apple will provide USB Type-C ports for its iPhone models.

According to Apple, more than 200 suppliers, who account for 70% of its direct manufacturing investment and include Corning, Nitto Denko, SK Hynix, STMicroelectronics, TSMC, and Yuto, have agreed to power all of their operations with renewable energy sources like wind or solar.

Previously, Apple had requested that suppliers make a commitment to using only renewable energy in their production.

CEO Tim Cook stated, "We're aiming to be a ripple in the pond that produces a broader impact. Since 2020, Apple has operated carbon-neutrally on a worldwide scale.

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As investors and authorities place more emphasis on climate change, more multinational corporations are increasingly examining worldwide supply networks to minimize their carbon footprint.

According to Apple, the investments in Europe are a part of a plan to address the approximately 22% of its carbon impact that comes from the electricity users consume to charge their devices.

The company stated that it aims to provide all Apple gadgets on the continent with low-carbon electricity through the development of new projects in Europe.

According to Apple, the anticipated expenditures will result in an annual addition of 3,000GWh of new renewable energy to the grid.


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