Beeple joins Solana and plans to introduce immersive 3D NFTs

Kutl Ahmedia

Breakpoint, an event dedicated to the Solana environment, is now going on and almost finished in Lisbon, Portugal. The Solana blockchain has seen a number of advances announced at this four-day conference, which began on November 3 and ends on Monday, November 7. The introduction of Mike "Beeple" Winkelmann to the Solana ecosystem is one of the announcements. As part of his commitment to joining the blockchain family, the renowned NFT artist has pledged to upload original 3D NFTs to the Solana blockchain.

The CEO of Metaplex Studios and the man responsible for developing Solana's NFT standard, Stephen Hess, welcomed the 41-year-old artist to Solana in Lisbon

Hess' welcome letter to Beeple included a slide that implied that anyone will be able to design distinctive NFTs that were motivated by both commonplace items and Beeple's renowned "Everydays" collection, which sold in 2021 for over $69 million (approximately Rs. 566 crore).

Beeple will go down in history as the first NFT creator to introduce a 3D touch to NFTs that will support streaming and 3D on the Solana blockchain.

Beeple's HUMAN ONE NFT project has previously sold for $28.9 million (about Rs. 215 crore) at a Christie's auction in New York City back in November 2021.

Four enormous LED displays that were mounted in frame-like structures made of wood and aluminum were used to create the spectacular seven-foot-tall artwork. According to Beeple, it was a unique 3D video sculpture powered by the Ethereum blockchain and "the first portrait of a human born in the metaverse."

Other significant revelations from the Solana conference included information about Solana's intentions for the near future, information about the company's planned Saga smartphone, and information about its cooperation with Google Cloud, according to a CoinTelegraph report.

NFTs developed on the Solana blockchain had the most sales on the Magic Eden marketplace as of July this year. Support for Solana-based NFTs to be advertised for sale on its platform was also added by OpenSea.

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