On the last day of November, the majority of the altcoins move toward gains as Bitcoin and Ether bag profits.

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On Wednesday, November 30, the majority of cryptocurrencies saw gains at the open, turning the price charts from top to bottom green. BTC started trading at a value increase of 3.94 percent, or $16,900. (roughly Rs. 13.7 lakh). The oldest cryptocurrency's price has increased by $650 (approximately 53,000) in the past 24 hours compared to its beginning trading value of $16,250 (about Rs. 13 lakh). International exchanges like Coinbase and Binance reported that BTC made modest increases to trade at roughly the same price.

Ether saw profits as well, closely trailing Bitcoin. According to the cryptocurrency price tracker on Gadgets 360, ETH value reached $1,270, or nearly Rs. 1.03 lakh, with a gain of 7.35 percent.

Ironically, the cryptocurrency market seems to have gotten into a joyful mood as the turbulent month of November 2022 is finally nearing its conclusion. The Christmas season is getting closer, so December might bring some holiday happiness to the markets.

Most altcoins opened today with increases, however. These include Tron, Litecoin, Polygon, Polkadot, Cardano, Binance Coin, and Cardano.

Shiba Inu continued its record of posting increases for the third straight day, while DOGE experienced a rise.

Even stablecoins like Binance USD and USD Coin ended November on a profitable note.

Only a few alternative coins, including Leo, Zcash, Braintrust, DIA, and Gas, suffered losses today.

The market cap of all cryptocurrencies increased by 3.07 percent on the previous day. The industry was currently valued at $850 billion (roughly Rs. 69,51,499 crore).

The cryptocurrency market is profit-focused today, but specialists in the field have noted that over the previous two weeks, Bitcoin's Cumulative Volume Delta, which gauges investor participation in spot markets, has fallen by 25%.

The price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets dropped as investors reportedly sold risky investments in response to unrest in China related to the COVID anti-lockdown protests and the recent announcement of crypto lender, BlockFi declaring bankruptcy, according to the CoinDCX research team, which spoke with Gadgets 360.

While daily market changes occur, the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries continue to expand.

For instance, on December 1, India will introduce its digital rupee CBDC for retail testing.

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