Elon Musk Suspends Kanye West's Twitter Account Again; West Drops Plan to Acquire Parler

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A swastika and the Star of David were combined in a photo that musician Kanye West posted on Twitter on Friday. In a tweet in response to Ye's post of an ugly photo of the billionaire, which Ye referred to as his "last tweet," new Twitter CEO Elon Musk confirmed the ban.

"I gave it my all. Despite this, he once more transgressed our prohibition against inciting violence. Account suspension is coming, Musk tweeted.

Ye has recently made a number of antisemitic remarks, including endorsing Hitler in an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Thursday. Ye's comments caused him to be banned from social media, have his talent agency fire him, and have businesses like Adidas cut connections with him. A probe into his actions has also been started by the sportswear maker.
Ye has stopped purchasing the conservative social networking platform Parler, the business announced on Thursday.

In October, Ye, then known as Kanye West, made a bid to purchase Parler. Ye and Parlement Technologies, the company that runs Parler, stated at the time that the acquisition would be finished in the final three months of the year. The transaction price and other information were kept under wraps.

In the middle of November, this choice was made in the best interests of both parties "A statement on Thursday was released by Parlement Technologies. "Parler will keep looking for new prospects for expansion and platform improvement for our thriving community."
Parler is a minor platform in the growing field of right-leaning, far-right, and libertarian social apps that promise little to no content monitoring to weed out offensive content such as hate speech, racism, and misinformation. None of the websites have even come close to being well-known.

Parler was introduced in August 2018, but it didn't gain traction until 2020. Due to its connections to the tragic uprising at the US Capitol earlier that month, it was taken offline in January 2021. Parler declared a relaunch a month after the attack, but it wasn't back on Google Play until September of this year.

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