A conference on children and technology was held in Accra for 150 seniors.

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 Akua Otubea Essah, the CEO of Child-In-Tech, has emphasized the value of cultivating young people's knowledge of and enthusiasm for financial technology as well as other technological fields.

The introduction, development, and application of technology to all facets of youth culture, particularly among students in senior high schools, she claimed, is urgently needed now more than ever.

For both themselves and the nation, this will ensure a better and brighter future. The statement was made by Ms. Otubea Essah at the Child-In-Tech Conference in Accra, which was attended by 150 students chosen from seven senior high schools in the Greater Accra Region.

She commended the sponsors, the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communication, or GIFEC, and in particular the Platinum Sponsor, a remittance company called "Taptap Send," for their dedication to advancing the fintech sector in the nation.

Darryl Mawutor Abraham, the Growth Africa Director of "Taptap Send," stated that studies show students in the SHS level are among the most actively involved age group engaged in digital transactions for financial and educational purposes. However, they lack a thorough understanding of the specifics of financial technology, which makes it essential for organizations like "Taptap Send" to support such educational initiatives.

Akosua Oppong-Mensah, a Taptap Send resource person, noted that the remittance eco-system has developed into a source of capital inflow and fund mobilization for developing countries and its citizens, including Ghana, and that it "must be taken advantage of to the benefit of all." It is for this reason, among others, that Taptap Send does not charge any fees to its customers for its services.

Abena Nyamesem, senior manager of sustainability and partnerships at GIFEC, explained that the organization's goal is to close the gap in electronic and digital infrastructure that exists between the country's urban and rural centers so that all of its residents can take advantage of the global technological revolution that is currently sweeping the world.

In recent months, Taptap Send has sponsored a number of forums on the fintech industry in Ghana, including the 10th Tech-In-Ghana Fair in November and the TEDx Conference in Accra in December 2022. As part of its commitment to CSR, the company also gave away food to its customers during the Christmas of 2022.

At the Child-In-Tech conference, students from Accra Girls Senior High, Kaneshie Secondary Technical High, Accra Academy, Accra Wesley Grammar, Airport East Methodist, and Ideal High participated in educational sessions.


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