According to Gasmilla, only love will help us survive the current financial crisis.

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Odartei Milla Lamptey, an international fisherman also known as Gasmilla, has stated that the only thing that can help the nation survive the financial turmoil that has engulfed us is love. script async src="" crossorigin="anonymous">

He said this earlier this afternoon in an interview with Nana Ama Gyapong on the lifestyle television channel Ebitz.

The Azonto Dance and Genre were created by the Ghanaian Hip-Hop Artist, who is also best known for his top hits Aboodatoi and Telemo. script async src="" crossorigin="anonymous">

Unbeknownst to us, he could switch and write a love song with the working title "ODO.". When asked why she made the switch, Gasmilla responded, "Why odo now is because I feel that the only thing that can get us to survive the turbulence we are in as a country or a people is love.". "People increased prices when the dollar rate was high but refused to decrease it when the dollar rate was low," he continued. "So I'm saying that we need to show each other love in these difficult times.".

He emphasized his versatility as a musician, saying he loves to experiment and add new elements to his Azonte sound. script async src="" crossorigin="anonymous">

"We are all not always happy, so sometimes you have to create something to fit in every emotion," he said in his closing statement. As one of Accra's sanitation ambassadors, Gasmilla joined forces with AMA in May 2021 to promote sanitation in the city.

On weekdays, from 12:30 to 1pm, Ebitz is broadcast on lifestyle TV.

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