After a bedroom video goes viral online, MUBS student Paula finally speaks, explaining how

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 Paula, a student at Makerere University's Business School (MUBS), has finally spoken out after her leaked video went viral.

MUBS Paula has finally swallowed her pride and appeared in front of the camera to explain why she decided to put her goodies on display for social media hyenas after going silent for days since the video hit the public domain.

Paula has revealed in an exclusive interview that her boyfriend posted the now-viral video online after their relationship soured.

“After our relationship ended, my former boyfriend made the decision to slander me. Paula stated, "I trusted him with the video because I loved him at the time, but he decided to expose me when the relationship went south."

She insisted that she does not possess that shady mind, so she refused to reveal the name of the aforementioned man.

She has also asked for forgiveness from her parents, friends, and all Ugandans for the horrible incident. In point of fact, the reporters affirm that Paula is, in fact, a very humble girl.

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