Banker grabbed over fraud

Mrs Beauty

 A 28-year-old banker has been granted bail by an Accra Circuit Court after it was claimed that he stole GHS274,000.00 from a business consultant under the pretense of investing the money for him at TF Finance Service but failed.

According to the accusation, the accused used the funds for her own benefit.

Fredricca Appiah entered a not-guilty plea after being accused of defrauding through false pretenses.

The accused was given GHS300,000 bail with three sureties by the court, which was presided over by Mrs. Susana Eduful.

Every surety was required to be a relative, per the court's order.

According to a court order, the prosecution must file all disclosures and witness statements and serve them on the accused's attorneys.

March 7, 2023 has been set aside for the case.

Atazona Abdul Rahman Awineyanga, the complainant, is a business consultant and a resident of Achimota, while the accused person resides in Burma Camp, according to Police Inspector Teye Okuffo, the prosecutor, who testified before the court.

According to the prosecution, the complainant and the accused were both parties to a lengthy business arrangement known as "pay off.".

On June 7, 2022, the accused allegedly approached the complainant and informed him of the investment promotional package that TF Finance Service was launching.

The complainant, a businessman as well, the prosecution claimed, decided to give it a shot.

According to the report, the accused individual demanded and obtained GHS274,000.00 from the complainant under the pretense of investing the money for him.

The prosecution claimed that the defendant made a promise to the complainant that if they were successful in getting the money, they would give him the investment document once it had been invested, but they were unsuccessful and fled.

Two weeks later, the complainant made his own inquiries at the TF Finance Office, the accused failed to return the complainant's calls, and went into hiding, according to the statement, and the company denied ever launching any investment promotional package.

The accuser was apprehended by the Military Police at Burma Camp, according to the prosecution, after the complainant realized he had been tricked and filed a formal complaint with Nima Police.

In her cautioned statement, the accused allegedly admitted to taking the complainant's money to invest for him during the course of the investigation.

Further investigation, according to the prosecution, showed that the accused used the funds not for the investment but rather for her own personal gain.


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