Children's Content: According to Kobby Kyei, cartoons do not accurately depict Ghanaian culture.

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 Kobby Kyei, a digital content creator, bemoaned the absence of local children's programming in Ghana and urged influencers to take kids into account when creating content.

He claims that cartoons, which are the most popular form of entertainment for kids in Ghana, contain foreign elements that deviate from the ideals of Ghanaian society and norms.

"...even with the cartoons we're discussing, you and I are aware that what the kids are watching at home doesn't reflect our cultural values. According to him, "it has nothing to do with our society or what we consider to be African.

Kobby Kyei revealed during a phone interview for the GTV Breakfast Show that he is passionate about the revival of local content for kids because watching shows like GTV's By the Fire Side as a child shaped his outlook on the world and exposed him to Ghanaian values.

It should be passed on to the younger generation, he continued, because it also helped close the wealth-poverty gap.

Speaking about the future, the digital content producer urged stakeholders to support and promote the production of African cartoons.

"Africans need to band together to design their own cartoon walls, and soon. To avoid having our children sort of imitate what the west is either directly or indirectly teaching them, he said, "we must encourage the young people who are interested in technology to create cartoons that represent Ghana and cartoons that represent Africa for the children.".

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