Frantic youth in Sierra Leone, Ghana succumb to abroad work trick

Mrs Ceda Ankra

At the point when Bashiru Gbassay Conteh ran over an opening advert from the Sierra Leone Service of Work in organization with Taju Enrollment Office in November 2021, calling for 200 light-obligation drivers to work in Dubai, he was captivated by the proposition and chose to check it out.

As a jobless youth in Sierra Leone, he considered the opening to be a chance to fulfill his long craving of tying down something important to accommodate himself and his loved ones.

While going after the light-obligation driver's position in Abu Dhabi, Bashiru had such a lot of confidence in the process generally on the grounds that the Service of Work and Government backed retirement for Sierra Leone was involved. He made sure to the NLE 10,000 ($534) mentioned from him as a handling expense. Bashiru did everything that was expected of him, including going through a few meetings and clinical exams.

He additionally paid an extra NLE 700($37) for operations, and NLE 400 ($21) for the kickoff of a record for him, all of which he got no receipt for.

The Takeoff from Sierra Leone to Dubai

Half a month after the application, he was educated that he had passed every one of his meetings and was among the 40 other people who arose fruitful. Hearing this, Bashiru had elevated requirements of how his life was to be changed in Abu Dhabi, and he contemplated how he was to begin sending cash home to his loved ones. Yet, the truth was not far off holding back to wake him from his sleep.

"We were informed we would withdraw Sierra Leone for Dubai in December 2021, yet we won't ever travel. Our monies have not been discounted to date, and to top it all off, Taju Deen Turay is no place to be seen. All we know is that he is presently in Ghana, concealing in the wake of gathering our millions," Bashiru told The News media.

Bashiru was not by any means the only one caught in Taju's deceitful web. 50 other Sierra Leoneans were misled as well. Some of them put away and spent more cash than he.

Tommy Koroma, another casualty, paid a sum of NLE 11,000 ($588) for the program; NLE 5,000 ($267) starting responsibility expenses, and NLE 7,000 ($374) for visa charges. At the point when Tommy was guaranteed that he would land the position and was educated he would travel Dubai in the principal seven day stretch of December 2021, he left his past work in November, mentioned his result, and utilized all the cash to pay the NLE 11,000 ($588) million Taju Deen Turay had requested.

"Presently, check my ongoing life out. I'm jobless, and I have a family I can't accommodate. I didn't travel, and I lack my cash back. These are a portion of the reasons youngsters go distraught these days. the public authority of Sierra Leone needs to help us," Tommy said.

Tommy said when they were paying all the monies, a few authorities at the Movement Division of the Sierra Leone Service of Work and Government backed retirement taught them to pay to Taju Deen Turay's ledger.

Photograph of Taju Deen Turay and a staff of the Service of Work and Government backed retirement.

Photograph of Taju Deen Turay and a staff of the Service of Work and Government backed retirement.

All endeavors by Bashiru, Tommy and the 50 others to get their monies have demonstrated pointless. Since the Sierra Leone Service of Work and Government managed retirement was in organization with Taju Enlistment Organization, the young have been visiting the Priest of Work, Alpha Osman Timbo, for nearly 12 months, requesting a discount of their monies.

The casualties said Mr. Timbo had been promising them of their monies since December 2021, however that was at this point to be satisfied. They said the Clergyman even moved some of them to another enrollment organization to make sure they could travel, however they were at this point to see any indication of readiness.

The frantic youth coordinated a serene dissent against the Sierra Leone Service of Work and Government backed retirement to request their cash.

The Clergyman was facilitated along with Bashiru Conteh on one of Sierra Leone's public television programs, AYV Wake up Salone, in August 2022. The Clergyman on the program made sense of that when he assumed control over the service in 2018, there was a restriction on abroad traveler enlistment in Sierra Leone. Because of the great youth joblessness rate in the country, he said he considered it fit to advocate for the lifting of the boycott. The boycott was in the end lifted by the public authority of Sierra Leone in 2018.

Serve Taju

Alpha Osman Timbo noticed that Taju's enrollment office was among the 10 enlistment organizations he allowed to work in the country with a confirmation after a few systems were embraced by the service.

"I did all of this with emotional speed. That was on the grounds that the young people were frantic for occupations," the Priest said.

Photographs of Priest Alpha Osman Timbo and a portion of the casualties during the application interaction.

Photographs of Priest Alpha Osman Timbo and a portion of the casualties during the application interaction.

Notwithstanding, Priest Timbo denied staying alert that the candidates were paying all the monies they expressed. That's what he conceded, before he enlisted Taju Deen Turay's organization, he got grievances that he [Taju] had set out on deceitful exercises, however he overlooked the protests since he thought they were made from opinions.

He further expressed that organizations like Taju Enrollment Organization were expected to set aside a security installment of at least 50 million Leones. Nonetheless, the organization paid only 5 million Leones, one more peculiarity neglected by the service.

The clergyman said on air that through the assistance of the Sierra Leone High Commission in Ghana; he had the option to capture and confine Taju, yet he was subsequently delivered in the wake of marking a responsibility letter to discount 100 million Leones by September 27, 2022.

The clergyman, in his last explanation on air, begged the casualties to genuinely believe in him, guaranteeing them of a discount of their monies.

To affirm what the pastor said, The Media sent a meeting solicitation to the Sierra Leone High Commission in Ghana for their remark on the issue. The letter was recognized, and a date was set for the meeting, which was to be on November 22, 2022. Before the meeting date, nonetheless, a solicitation was made by the High Commission on November 1, requesting that inquiries of the expected meeting be shipped off the high commission to set up the reaction.

The Media followed the High Commission's solicitation, yet the meeting was not allowed.

An undisclosed source at the Sierra Leone High Commission has let The Media know that the high commission had not gotten any such objection about Taju Deen Turay, nor did it participate in any capture as the pastor had guaranteed.

The source additionally said subsequent to getting The News media's meeting demand, the letter along with one more letter composed by the high magistrate, was sent through the Sierra Leone Service of International concerns for the Service of Work and Federal retirement aide.

The source said that the Service of International concerns had vowed to answer the high commission's letter. The source expressed that until the Services answer the letters, the High Official couldn't address The Media on the issue.

Following Taju's enlistment office in Ghana

Since Taju Deen Turay professed to have an office in Ghana, The News media, in August 2022, set off on a mission to learn the legitimacy of the organization.

Following half a month of looking, both the workplace and Taju Deen Turay himself couldn't be found. All contact numbers promoted on the Facebook page of "The companions of Taju Enrollment Organization" were reached however yielded no outcomes.

Casualties in Ghana

Dialing with the expectation of tracking down a lead to find the workplace or Taju Deen Turay, what we found were more survivors of his deceitful demonstrations. It was subsequently found that Taju Deen Turay had executed a comparative trick in Ghana.

"I would rather not discuss Taju. I would try and prefer not to hear anything about him. That person is a fraudster. He took off with my clients' cash, and as of recently I have never focused on him," a woman addressed furiously to the principal call we made.

The woman, Joyce [not her genuine name], said she was working with Taju in 2019 as a secretary and specialist who was getting clients who expected to travel. As per Joyce, she quit working for Taju on the grounds that she wasn't getting compensated, and later, Taju hoodwinked her clients.

A portion of the casualties in Ghana, Julius Mensah Coffie and Alfred Auton, said Taju Deen Turay vowed to land them positions in Poland and Qatar, yet like the numerous different casualties, they were additionally tricked.


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Whatsapp trades between The Media's spy and Taju

Adam Ibrahim, a 37-year-old enlistment specialist, and a few clients of his employer likewise had a revolting encounter managing the Taju Enrollment organization in 2020. Adam works at intelligence level Counsel, an organization that assists Ghanaians with getting visas for various nations. As per Adam, Taju moved toward the organization in 2020 implying to have amazing open doors for its clients to get visas. He said they entrusted Taju and started a new business with him.

"Taju Deen Turay took a sum of 38,600 Ghana cedis from us for the visa handling. In the wake of gathering all the monies, Taju gave us counterfeit agreements, offer letters, and UAE visas that our clients paid 2,500 Ghana Cedis each for," he said.

Adam said Taju didn't just trick his organization but on the other hand was getting cash from him for his crimes. "I confided in Taju, and he sold out my trust, leaving me in gigantic obligation," he bemoaned.

Adam said he revealed the make a difference to the Madina Police headquarters and Taju was captured in 2020. He said Taju was in authority for quite a long time yet was bailed after he (Taju) argued to be delivered to empower him to discount the monies he had gathered from them.

"As I address you, from that point forward at the police headquarters, I have never focused on Taju. He vanished totally," said Adam.

The News media's work to demonstrate Taju's false exercises

On August 21, 2022, the 'Companions of Taju Enrollment Organization's Facebook page refreshed a post illuminating individuals regarding the kickoff of their local office at Kwabenya, A


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