GAF will prevent unauthorized use of military gear and uniforms.

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According to the Ghanaian Armed Forces, they are taking more stringent legal measures to stop people from using military uniforms and equipment without permission.

It declares that it will deal with the growing threat posed by individuals and groups in the country who wear military-style clothing, equipment, and other accessories in accordance with the law and its engagement rules.

The Director of the GAF's Department of Public Relations, Micheal Addo Larbie, issued a statement that was signed and released. The statement said that additional measures were being taken in response to disclosures and investigations that indicated that some criminals were purposefully acquiring military-style clothing, equipment, and weapons, including guns, for evil purposes. This would exacerbate tensions in some communities and bring the Armed Forces into disrepute.

“On Wednesday, December 21, 2022, GAF arrested a man in Bawku who was respraying a vehicle with military pattern colors in one of these recent incidents. Additionally, some individuals reportedly involved in a number of criminal activities at the end of last year and at the beginning of this month, according to reports, wearing clothing with military patterns and colors.

According to the statement, "these incidents have led to unfounded allegations and the dissemination of false information in the media that military personnel were rather responsible for these acts."

GAF also assured the public that its employees were doing everything in their power to catch these alleged criminals so they could deceive the general public.

In the statement, it was stated that "these miscreants and imposters are derailing the immense role the Ghana Armed Forces are playing in order to secure the country, restore normalcy to some conflict-prone areas, and to deter crime in various parts of the country."

“As it puts in these stringent measures to curb the sale, wearing of military uniforms, and use of military grade equipment by unauthorised persons as prohibited under NLCD 177,” the GAF requested the maximum cooperation from all Ghanaians.

It stated that, if found, those who continue to violate this decree and those who conspire to do so will be dealt with and subjected to the full force of the law.

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