Ghana has a new dawn and a new direction, according to Kwabena Agyapong.

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 Ghana is prepared for a new dawn, a new dimension, and a new direction, according to Mr. Kwabena Agyei Agyapong, an NPP flagbearer candidate.

The former general secretary of the NPP stated in a speech to the NPP Regional Executive Committee of the Oti Region at Dambai that he was on a "passionate redemption mission to create a critical mass of patriots needed to generate the momentum required to cause a seismic shift in the thinking and orientation of what public service and party politics should mean to politicians, political appointees, civic servants, and all Ghanaians.". ".

Mr. Agyapong emphasized the need for Ghana to move in a new direction under the leadership of capable individuals who genuinely put the needs of their constituents before party interests.

He argued that it was past time for leaders to stop preparing the youth's future through the use of outdated methods and instead concentrate on engaging the youth in the preparation of their own futures.

He saw a new Ghana, founded on democracy and discipline, that would lead on many fronts and serve as a model for the rest of the region, led by a generational leader who was compassionate, capable, results-driven, and brave.

According to Mr. Agyapong, this would bring together a sizable coalition of patriots who would be eager to mobilize grassroots support to save Ghana and bring back our cherished values of service, sacrifice, and selflessness in our body politics.

In the general election of 2024, he promised voters that the NPP would secure a historic third term by working hard to win Ghanaians' support.

We have a sacred obligation to recalibrate and reawaken all Ghanaians, he continued, and to put us on a course that will bring genuine progress and prosperity to our long-suffering and underserved population. '.

In order to support the people of Ghana, Mr. Agyapong pledged to erect a government in which public funds would be wisely guarded.

He emphasized the need for us to always live within our means in order to avoid the economic excesses that have led to Ghana's current economic difficulties.

He pledged that, as president, he would stop extravagant spending and luxuries and make sure that the nation's resources were used effectively.

When given the go-ahead to lead the country, he assured the delegates once more that he would run a transparent and accountable government.

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