In this shocking video, a lady explains why women are afraid of style.

Mrs Beauty

 A beautiful Ghanaian woman has explained in detail why some women are uncomfortable with the Do9ggy bedroom style.

A post asking women to explain why they don't seem to like the popular bedroom style received a lot of responses.

The most common response is that the style moves their wombs out of their natural position, which is extremely risky and the reason they fear it.

I can't give up my womb for a man for the reasons they give below.

Do9ggie hurt for short length wombs, but for long shifts into deep puffy holes, it works best with a rough ride. I adore chubbies for this reason. When we turn to look at the dog at our back, we sometimes feel a great deal of fear as it enters the womb.

because we don't want to start too soon.

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