Interest from around the world is generated by Ghana's explosive growth in ICT usage.

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 Information and communication technology (ICT) use in Ghana is increasing quickly, according to Dr. Michael Owusu, Chief Operating Officer of KGL Group, and this has piqued interest around the world.

The establishment of internet kiosks and the deployment of fiber optic cables to connect rural areas, among other initiatives to increase internet access and adoption, were among the Government's efforts to promote and invest in ICT infrastructure, he claimed, and these efforts had played a significant role in the growth.

Dr. Owusu continued, telling the GNA, "as a result, Ghana's internet penetration rate has significantly increased, reaching over 50% in 2021. ".

He claimed that the expansion of internet access had been yet another significant factor in the development of ICT in the nation.

According to Dr. Owusu, data from the World Bank shows that from just 2% in 2005 to over 69% in 2021, the percentage of Ghana's population with internet access.

He emphasized that a number of factors, such as the growth of mobile networks, the widespread use of smartphones, and the introduction of government initiatives aimed at boosting internet access, have contributed to this quick growth.

Education, healthcare, and agriculture are just a few of the areas of Ghanaian life where the expansion of internet access has had a profound impact. E-learning platforms have grown, giving students more adaptable and accessible educational options, which is significant when discussing the role of ICT in education.

Telemedicine has facilitated access to healthcare in off-the-grid and underserved areas. And the use of digital technologies in agriculture, like supply chain management and precision farming, has improved productivity and profitability. " he emphasized.

In addition to the government's efforts, Dr. Owusu claimed that the private sector had contributed significantly to the growth of ICT in Ghana, as the nation had seen the emergence of several local start-ups in the fields of e-commerce, financial technology, and renewable energy that had been funded by foreign investors.

According to him, international businesses and organizations have taken notice of Ghana's rapid ICT development and are looking to capitalize on the nation's expanding digital market.

Dr. Owusu acknowledged the social and economic effects that Ghana's growing use of ICT had on the country.

According to him, increased internet access had made it possible for more people to engage in the digital economy, which had boosted economic growth and created jobs.

Dr. Owusu made an appeal to the government and the private sector to continue their efforts to ensure that all societal groups had equal access to ICT benefits, stressing how crucial this was to the long-term growth of Ghana's digital economy.


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