Kadjebi NASPA will be led by new executives.

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During their mandatory service, the 2022/23 batch of the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) in the Kadjebi District of the Oti Region has elected new executives to run the organization.

Unopposed candidates ran for the six executive positions of Women Commissioner, Secretary, Financial Secretary, Organizer, and President.

They consist of: as President, the Public Relations Officer, Mr. Alex Monya, was appointed by President Frimpong Kwadjo Ofori in accordance with the NASPA Constitution and after consulting with other executives.

In his welcome address, Mr. Enoch Kwesi Sain, the Kadjebi District Manager of the National Service Scheme (NSS), stated that the NSS was established by an Act of Parliament with the purpose of filling manpower gaps in both the public and private sectors, providing National Service Persons (NSP) with exposure, a sense of civic duty, and voluntarism, and assisting NSP in acquiring experience, among other things.

According to him, "since National Service period is a transition point to enter work life, it is very important to educate service personnel, who are the future leaders of the nation, so they can professionally fit into society and every field they find themselves after service," which is why the day's orientation was held.

Mr. Sain urged the employees to view the service period as a well-thought-out design program to prepare them for the future rather than just a yearly formality.

He added, "delayed payment of allowance that should not sway them from tapping into numerous benefits that are at their disposal" even though they might be confronted with it.

The employees were instructed by Mr. Charles Kwasi Dovi, the Director of the Jasikan NSS Municipality, to treat one another with respect and to be willing to work without necessarily anticipating financial rewards.

He said that their activities would be watched on a regular basis and that employees who missed work would be punished.

To prevent rumors and speculations, Mr. Dovi, who swore in the new executives, asked them to communicate effectively with the staff.

The Kadjebi Business Resource Centre (BRC) General Manager, Mr. Rockson Nii Danquah-Ashley, urged the staff to think creatively in order to achieve their goals, adding, "have the tenacity to propel your idea."

He stated that they needed to investigate the demographics of the location, determine the target market, and identify the beneficiaries before deciding which business to start.

Mr. Danquah-Ashley, who gave a presentation on: How to get the most out of the entrepreneurial space in the district and beyond," said that keeping records and coming up with new ideas are essential to entrepreneurship success. She also told the employees to think of themselves as potential entrepreneurs.

On behalf of executives, the President, Mr. Frimpong Ofori, thanked fellow service members for their confidence.

He called for cooperation to make NASPA in the Kadjebi District great.

There were 52 service members reported in the District, including 30 in the educational field, 9 in the Ghana Health Service, 3 in the private sector, 9 in administrative offices, and 1 on study leave.

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