National Cathedral Project Will Rake In More Money to the country

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The National Cathedral of Ghana (NCG) project has a sustainable economic mannequin which is anticipated to rake in $95m in the first five years of its operation, the Executive Director of the NCG Secretariat, Dr Paul Opoku-Mensah, has said.

The economic mannequin is made up of about 10 revenue streams which include multi-purpose condominium spaces, an over 1,000-seater feast hall, a conference centre, a 350-seater biblical restaurant, a café, shops and theatres.
The relaxation are its groundbreaking design, a Bible Museum of Africa and a Biblical Gardens of Africa which would assist facilitate the improvement of the country and turn it into a principal non secular city for African Christianity.

According to the Executive Secretary, the sustainable financial model which would generate income would be applied steadily to attract international and African visitors, including “its financial affect analysis has been submitted to Parliament”.

He said different details such as accounting for all the monies paid by using the state and the work carried out so a long way had additionally been submitted to Parliament after a thorough briefing session with the select committee on Trade, Industry and Tourism.


Dr Opoku-Mensah stated this at the National Cathedral of Ghana Bible Reading Marathon Thanksgiving Service and the get together of the laying of the foundation for the cathedral in Accra on Monday.

The two-day match which ended on December 30,2022,was attended by means of people from all walks of life, and the Holy Bible study for lengthy hours.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Commanders of Security Services, a consultant of the Speaker of Parliament and the Chief Justice, all study parts of the Book of Revelations from the Bible.

The undertaking includes seven levels - two basement stages and 5 upper levels, thus, making it the absolute best civic building in the countrywide capital, Accra,with a peak of about 50 metres. The ‘Job 600’ is 45 metres.

As a standalone shape with a Bell Tower, the cathedral will attain almost 60 metres, making it the greatest single building in Accra.

Dr Opoku-Mensah additionally stated that a team had concluded discussions with some Israeli antiquities authority that would be loaning Ghana some artifacts, including that “they are willing to make this a long-term mortgage for us”.

Part of the development methodology is that the complete shape after the foundation would be made up of steel, the cause he said work should finish before the end
of 2024.

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