On February 7, the Private University Founders Association will open its doors.

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 On February 7, 2023, the Private University Founders Association (PUFA) Ghana, a group of owners, founders, and chancellors of private universities in Ghana, will officially launch the group and elect its executives.

On the day, the Association will also adopt its logo and constitution.

The inauguration will mark the beginning of the group's operations, according to Dr. Eben Kofi Fynn, interim leader of the Association and Chancellor of Winconsin International University College Ghana.

He stated that they had only chosen the group's name and were eager to conclude consultations with members regarding the remaining group formation details.

According to Dr. Fynn, the Association would be the nation's official voice for private university chancellors to advocate for their institutions' best interests.

He stated that the Association currently has fifteen owners of private universities and hoped that additional owners would join when operations began.

According to Dr. Fynn, they were determined to establish an Association to address the numerous obstacles they encountered.

He said that the Association would give them a united front so that they could influence how government policies on tertiary education are made and implemented.

Dr. Fynn said that until the Association is fully registered and operational, it would have an interim office at Wisconsin International University College Ghana.

Meanwhile, on Friday, January 13, 2023, the Association's members met for the first time to discuss the possibility of forming a group to promote their growth and interests and address their issues.

Ten owners and chancellors of private universities attended the meeting, where they pledged their support for the Association.

However, the team was scheduled to adopt a name, logo, and constitution within two weeks, and it was scheduled to meet again on January 27, 2023, to make a final decision.

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