The only hope for Ghanaians right now is the NPP, according to Bono Regional Chairman.

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The only hope for Ghanaians right now is the NPP, according to Bono Regional Chairman.

According to Mr. Kwame Baffoe, the New Patriotic Party (NPP)'s Bono Regional Chairman, the party continues to be the sole hope for reversing the nation's economic fortunes and alleviating the plight of the masses.

    As a result, he advised the youth to be patient as the government dealt with the nation's economic crisis and created jobs for them to improve their lives.

    Mr. Baffoe stated, "Though things are tough now, Ghanaians only need to have a little patience with the government," while interacting with a portion of the media in Sunyani.

    Our party has a track record of success. We have already done it, and we will continue to do it. Just because the economic situation had deteriorated since we assumed political power in 2001, we must all be hopeful. 

    However, we were able to reverse the situation. We will undoubtedly overcome these difficulties very soon because the government is strengthening the social and poverty intervention programs," he added.

    Mr. Baffoe stated that Ghana had one of the fastest-growing economies prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine had a significant impact on the country's economy.

   Despite this, the Regional Chairman stated that the government remained thoughtful and sensitive, and as a result, it implemented realistic interventions to lessen the people's economic burdens.

   Mr. Baffoe made the following statement: "So the government is seriously working hard on the economy, and Ghanaians will see certain changes and economic progress in 2023."

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