The Parliamentary Accounts Committee acts as an executive-level check on Dr. Rashid Draman.

Mrs Beauty

 Through its open discussions of the Auditor General's Reports, the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament, or PAC, has played a significant oversight role in holding state agencies accountable.

There are worries that the same violations keep turning up in the Auditor General's Reports despite investigations being conducted during PACs sitting over the years. It has been thirty years of constitutional rule, and GBC News looks at the work of the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament. Is it true that duty bearers do not bother to put into practice the recommendations made by the PAC so that such violations do not reoccur in subsequent reports?

In an interview with the Executive Director of the Africa Centre for Parliamentary Affairs, ACEPA, Dr. Rashid Dramani stated that the open sessions of the Parliament Accounts Committee have at the very least helped to create transparency in government finances and expenditures and served as a check on the Executive.


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