[Watch] Woman caught on camera harassing male police officers

Mrs Beauty


According to the number plates of passing vehicles and the road signs, there is a video of a woman harassing members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) on the road in the Limpopo region.

It appears that the police had entered the area to halt what appeared to be a protest, mob justice, or other illegal activity.

The video shows a woman in a black dress dancing on an uniformed officer while bending in front of him. She is then pulled by a bystander close to her and taken to another officer standing on the opposite side of the road.

She wants to dance on him, just like she did with the other officer, as she gets closer to him.

The lady is stopped by the officer in blue, who swerves his hands to get her to leave. But when she starts acting like she wants to beat him, the officer walks away.

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