31-year-old man electrocuted in Upper East Asian Chinese mine

Mrs Ceda Ankra

A 31-year-old digger of the Baron Worldwide Gathering Ghana Gold Restricted was shocked early Tuesday morning while at the same time working for the organization.

Paul Agbango was killed around 4:00 a.m. Tuesday while he was turning out underground for a chinese mine in Upper East, witnesses told The Media.

Tuesday afternoon, the family of a relative in the gold-mining district of the Upper East Region received an apology from the Chinese mine.

Since 2008, when the Chinese-owned company, formerly known as Shaanxi Mining Company Limited, arrived in the district, it has issued a growing number of apologies for mining-related injuries and deaths.

16 people had died in the mine in 2019 before the 31-year-old mineworker joined the company on November 5, 2020, as a gathering-arm operator.

As the miner's body was being transported to the Upper East Regional Hospital's mortuary, company spokesperson Ebenezer Bognaab told The Fourth Estate, "It's so sad." We simply need to sympathize with the deceased's family and permit investigations.

He went on to say: We regret having to document an electric shock incident. We deeply regret this and sympathize with the family.

How a worker at a Chinese mine in the Upper East died A gathering arm is a machine that looks like a tractor and is used to load gold ore or loose stones.

According to information obtained by The Fourth Estate from a spokesperson for the mining company, Agbango, a native of mineral-rich Zongoyire in the Bawku West District, was electrocuted while he was using a gathering arm.

He was working the late shift. As is customary, a working phase was given to him. He was about to finish his work and was turning around to get rid of the mess (broken ore). The machine accidentally disconnected an electric cable while reversing, exposing the cable.

The energized machine (the gathering arm) came into contact with the cable. He was also electrocuted in that manner. The police have been informed in writing. The body is being carried to the mortuary by the police. Mr. Bognaab elaborated, "We will proceed to inform the Minerals Commission."

Teni Ghaatuon is saddened by the death of her husband, James Nbalebna, who was 21 years old when he was killed by a Chinese mine blast in Upper East Agbango. James Nbalebna is not the man in the picture. He was one of many people who died in the mine or from the activities of the mine. Credit: The Upper East Mining Industry: Safety concerns The district has a lot of gold in the earth's core. However, there is very little infrastructure above ground to show for it.

In the entire district, there is only one tarred road. While some schools in the area struggle with a lack of furniture, concerned stakeholders are closely monitoring the district's mineworkers' safety.

The past of mine accidents that have taken breadwinners away from their families is the source of their safety concerns.

Three small-scale miners were killed by gas from explosives in the mine on May 26, 2013.

Two miners were killed by gas poisoning on April 2 of the following year, and one person was critically injured.

Three mineworkers were discovered dead in a collapsed pit in October 2014.

An explosion caused by the Chinese company in April 2015 resulted in the deaths of two miners and the injuries of eight others.

After inhaling a hazardous gas from a mining explosive, 16 miners were taken to the Upper East Regional Hospital the following year.

While scooping gold ore in 2017, seven miners got stuck and died many feet below the surface.

The worst incident occurred two years later, when 16 miners were killed. After the Chinese threw an explosive, they all burst into tears. Following the catastrophe, the business was temporarily shut down by the Minerals Commission.

The Chinese company has repeatedly refuted claims that it has killed more than 60 people in Talensi since its arrival more than a decade ago.

Another Reassurance When The Fourth Estate contacted the Minerals Commission on Tuesday afternoon regarding the most recent incident, Dickson Achindiba, the district's mining officer, stated that he had not been informed of it.

The death of Agbango is comparable to the death of a Ghanaian-born Shaanxi employee in October 2018. A massive bucket made of metal crushed the miner, who was only referred to as Baarn, underground.

Maxwell Wooma, the company's spokesperson at the time, promised the public that additional safety measures would be implemented at the mine.

Bognaab stated, "You would recall that the mine has been safe for the past three years." We have not recorded any fatalities since December 11th, 2019. The mine has been kept so safe by us. Workers' conditions have improved.

He promised: One of the unfortunate events we have documented is this. We will review our safety procedures as a mine to ensure that such incidents are completely avoided.

Glancing back at history, a few occupants in the locale feel a misfortune might strike again in the mine from now on. However, they are unsure which family will receive the company's subsequent apology.

In the meantime, the Talensi District Police are conducting an investigation into the incident, according to the Upper East Regional Police Command.


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