Ghana and Lebanon want to deepen their friendship.

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Mr. Kheir Maher, the Lebanese Ambassador to Ghana, led a delegation from the Parliamentary Friendship Association of the Lebanese Parliament that paid the Rt. Hon. In Parliament, Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin serves as speaker.

The meeting was held to talk about and exchange ideas about things that were important to both of us, like trade, tourism, economic issues, health, and education.

Hon., a member of the delegation Ghanasah Atallah acknowledged Lebanon's worldwide support for its diaspora and expressed his excitement about the Lebanese diaspora's contribution to Ghana's economic development.

He praised the Lebanese diaspora in Ghana for their accomplishments in a variety of fields and for maintaining close ties with their home country and being always prepared to assist in any way they could.

In his address to the delegation, Mr. Speaker emphasized the importance of cooperation and mutual support between the two nations for growth and mutual benefit. He emphasized the significance of establishing a solid partnership and continuing development to enhance the citizens' standard of living in both nations.

Hon. Ghansah Atallah emphasized the numerous parallels between Ghana's and Lebanon's histories and urged them to work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for both countries.

He stated, "Both nations share a message of democracy and peace, for which they have actively worked and continue to sacrifice."

To strengthen the connection, the Hon. On behalf of the Lebanese people and the Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, Atallah invited Speaker Bagbin to visit Lebanon and take in the country's natural beauty. The delegation gave Mr. Speaker a piece of the rich cultural heritage of Lebanon.

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