Primaries: NDC Richard Kumadoe, a new contestant, targets parliament house.

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 Richard Kumadoe, a strategic icon, fraud prevention expert, and security consultant, has entered the race to run for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary seat in Sege Constituency in the Greater Region. He will be nominated for the position on February 22nd, 2023.

On Tuesday, October 25, 2022, the Intelligence and National Security Strategist made an announcement in the media that he would run for the parliamentary seat and represent the good people of Ada in the Sege Constituency, which is the same enclave of the Ada West District.

Richard Kumadoe, a concerned citizen of the Ada land, gave the media a statement in which he outlined the most important projects he would carry out in the constituency if elected to serve the people.

According to his explanation in the statement, "The Sege Constituency Project has six (6) key programs under it, namely Youth Development, Education, Healthcare, Women in Business, Agribusiness, Security and Safety for All."

The statement went on to say: Promoting growth and sustainability, particularly in community development and youth employment, is a key component of the project.

Richard Kumadoe is well-known and has served in a variety of roles in the field of global work in political economics, politics, democracy & corporate governance, political security, election management, security operations, and election strategy and security intelligence. He stated that he is motivated to lead, serve, and that through serviceable leadership, together with the constituent, he will make meaningful progress.

In order for Richard Kumadoe to fulfill his ambition of running for parliamentary office in the 2024 general election, he will need the confirmation of NDC delegates in the Sege Constituency on May 13, 2023. On May 13, 2023, the NDC will hold nationwide primaries to elect parliamentarians and a flagbearer to lead the party in the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2024.

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