African leaders don't love their nations, according to Simi

Mrs Beauty

 Nigerian singer Simisola Bolatito Kosoko, better known by her stage name Simi, has dubbed African politicians "greedy bellies" for failing to build their own nations and preferring to travel abroad.

The singer's tweet from March 8 says that because their governments only care about their "greedy stomachs," Africans fight for space and survival wherever they go.

Simi argues that if life were simple, no one would choose a stranger's land over their own, and that the continent's low level of social and economic growth is a reflection of the selfishness of its leaders.

She penned:

 “The one place that is their birthright is hard on the lives of Black Africans, so they have to fight for space, respect, and survival wherever they go. One might expect that this would wake up African leaders and assist us in our fight for dignity.

"Who really wants to travel to a land of strangers, away from everyone and their passions? people who just want to get by. That life isn't easy or good for anyone. They simply do not want to pass away in such a helpless state.

However, these leaders do not adore their nation. Their people are not loved by them. They only care about their savage bellies. They only have their own children in mind. Their families are all they care about. Why stop when their wickedness isn't happening to them?

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