Akuapem Poloo lauds the film's producer, Yvonne Nelson, for demonstrating such respect for me.

Mrs Beauty


In an interview with Doreen Abanema Abayaa at the film's premiere, Rosemond Haniya Alade Brown, better known by her stage name Akuapem Poloo, praised Yvonne Nelson, the film's producer.

Poloo expressed her appreciation for Nelson and noted that Nelson had pleasantly surprised her with her capabilities in her note of thanks.

Yvonne Nelson called me multiple times. She gave me money. She is aware, Poloo. Yvonne didn't wait to call me because she respects herself and is aware of my abilities.

"She cast me and gave my name some respect." People frequently use my name because she has shown me a great deal of respect. They did not anticipate it. She continued, "They also didn't see Cardi B coming to twerk with me."

"Many did not anticipate her cooperation with American rapper Cardi B, just as they did not anticipate her casting in Nelson's film," Poloo went on to say.

She continued to respond to those who doubted her, pleading with them to abandon their pessimism and realize that she would continue to achieve success.

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