Because Shatta Wale wasn't serious, I didn't go to his "Freedom Concert" – Ponobiom.

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Even though Gbee Naabu invited Sister Yaa Pono to his concert in December, Ghanaian music fans were hoping to see dancehall artist Shatta Wale and rapper Ponobiom on the Freedom Concert stage.

Ponobiom laid the blame on Shatta in his most recent interview, claiming that Shatta did not invite him.

I had not received a call, and it was too early. Because I wouldn't do it through a video if I really wanted him to be in a song or video, I didn't anticipate a social media interaction. Ponbiom stated in an interview with Kingdom FM, "He wasn't really serious.

He stated that his management would have decided how he would perform in a strictly business setting.

Ponobiom claimed that regardless of whether Shatta would engage in barter or demand payment, he anticipated such conversations.

He went on to say that, in a completely professional manner, his management would have been involved in determining his work conditions.

In addition, Pono stated that he anticipated such conversations with Shatta, regardless of whether he would engage in barter or demand payment.

The Amen songwriter then admitted that, aside from their "conflict" musically, he has no personal beef with the self-described Dancehall King and expects him to behave appropriately.

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