Delay Tells Her Opponents to Come Back, Ben Me Ho Asan Aba (Ma K)

Mrs Beauty



Deloris Frimpong Manso, also known as Delay in one of her twi wordplays, admitted before giving an interview that she sought out spiritual fortifications and is now prepared for anything that comes her way.

In the viral video, the media celebrity told all of her enemies that she had gone to soak in some leaves, but now she is strong enough to face them wherever they are.

The video is below:

In the interim, during a new meeting on "Stripped" with Sika Osei, Bullgod, President of Bullhaus Diversion, reaffirmed his reluctance to deal with a female craftsman.

He said that he would never be able to control a woman because they would always have sex.

He asserts that he has forever been very clear in saying that, regardless of how long he handles… read

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