Fameye laments that I am constantly criticized for the same things that other people weren't criticized for.

Mrs Beauty

 Fameye, a Ghanaian songwriter who goes by Peter Famiyeh Bozah, discussed his experiences with rumors and criticism in the music industry in a recent interview with Accra FM.

The singer of "Questions" claimed that he had been the target of "hot water pouring," a term used to describe the unwavering criticism and hostility directed at him.

“I've realized that people want to scald me with hot water, despite the fact that Fameye is calm and Peter is quiet. He made a remark, "It's been like this since I was a kid."

Fameye also talked about the times when he feels like he is being unfairly singled out because other people accuse him of doing things that other people can get away with.

He emphasized that he is not requesting silence from anyone; Instead, he is requesting that he be given a fair chance.

"When I do it, it tells a different story from what other people do that no one talks about." He stated, "I'm not advocating for silence, but it always happens to me."

The honoree went on by communicating his trust in God and his confidence, saying that he has asked for God to condemn any charges that have at any point been evened out against him.

"I have pleaded with God that he should punish me if anything that someone says about me is true, and that God should not allow me to advance if something is intended to go well for me because of what I have done wrong." He declared, "All I have is under God's control."

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