King Paluta declares, "I'm Having the Biggest Song in the Country Now."

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According to King Paluta, the song "Yahitte remix," which he recently released and features Strongman, Amerado, Qwame Stika, and Andy Dosty, is currently the most well-liked in the nation.

Since its release, the song has topped the charts and received a significant number of streaming views.

King Paluta went on a successful media tour in Accra, Ghana, where the people embraced and adored him after his debut single for the year 2023 was released.

He stated in a recent interview that his most recent track, "Yahitte Remix," would lead to amazing, unheard music because it is Ghana's most played song.

He emphasized that he is always available to any A-list artists who wish to work with him and that his doors are always open for new projects when asked which A-list artist, both domestic and foreign, he would most like to collaborate with.

The ease with which his audience had adapted to his unexpected vocal prowess delighted King Paluta. This particular song features his vocals, and he promises to continue singing in addition to incorporating rap in the future. "My most important goal is for people to love my music, whether I'm singing or rapping," he stated.

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