King Paluta, a rapper from Ghana, thinks the Kumerica music movement is still going strong.

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 According to Ghanaian rapper Thomas Adjei Wireko, better known as King Paluta, the Kumerican music movement is still alive and well, as many of the artists have continued to make waves.

Over the past few months, the Kumerican subgenre, which emerged in 2020, has been quiet, with many music fans claiming that the movement was over.

However, King Paluta, who was one of the Kumerica movement's breakout stars, has stated that the movement is still alive but is not receiving the same amount of media coverage.

King Paluta stated in an interview with the Ghana News Agency: When something new comes out, a lot of attention is paid to it, but eventually it falls off.

"Due to the fact that hype can't always be at the top, the Kumerican movement has become normalized in the system; Because we, the artists who emerged from the Kumerica movement, are still making waves, I don't think it is dead,” he stated.

King Paulta said he was overwhelmed by the feedback he had received for his most recent hit single, "Yahitte," which features Strongman, Amerado, Qwame Stika, and Andy Dosty.

“I feel like this is the flavor they want from me, and I have been in the charts ever since I dropped "Yahetti." I'll continue to rap, but I'd like to sing more.

"I don't think it's surprising; It's incredible; He stated, "I am grateful to the fans who have supported me over the past years, and I predicted that this song would go viral before I released it."

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