Kuami Eugene reveals that my mother is always worried about the gossip she hears about me.

Mrs Beauty

 In an interview with Kumasi's Hello FM, Ghanaian rock star Kuami Eugene said that his mother is worried about any scandal involving him.

"Since I am her child, it really hurts my mother so much whenever there is a rumor about me or when people say awful things about me," he admitted.

He claimed to have told his mother, "So long as I'm Kuami Eugene, it will harm you every time you hear anything negative about me, if you genuinely like me."

He continued, "I even told my mother the same thing because sometimes she can hear anything awful said about me and she becomes very frightened," during the show.

He continued, "But I told her that not everything you hear needs to be taken to heart, and that sometimes you need to harden up in order to sail through."

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