Kwabena claims that Black Sherif does highlife, not hip-hop.

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Kwabena Kwabena asserts that the well-known Ghanaian trap and hip-hop musician Sherif Ismail Frimpong, more commonly referred to as Black Sherif, actually performs high-life music rather than hip-hop.

According to highlife musicians, Black Sherif is a musician who plays highlife music, and the rhythm and sound he uses in his songs are highlife sounds. So, why does he get called a hip-hop musician? He went on to say that Black Sheriff is the first musician of the eighth generation of highlife musicians.

In an interview with Jay Foley on the Culture Daily show on 3Music, he explained these assertions.

The Kwabena Kwabena asserts that Black Sherif ought to be referred to as a highlife performer because he has nothing at all to do with hip-hop.

He elaborated, saying, "We are labeling Black Sheriff as a hip-hop artist, but I don't see him as a hip-hop musician at all." If you listen to his music and everything he's done with it, then how can we call him a hip-hop artist?

He belongs to the eighth generation, or new generation, of highlife musicians. Since his rhythm, delivery, and voice could not have been influenced by anything in highlife music, we are the seventh generation and he is the beginning of the eighth. Upon closer inspection, his song "Konongo Zongo" is entirely highlife.

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