Mr. Beautiful: I don't think Ghana has a government.

Mrs Beauty

 In an exclusive interview with GhanaWeb, veteran Ghanaian actor Clement Bonney, more commonly referred to as "Mr. Beautiful," stated that the country does not have effective leadership to handle issues.

Mr. Lovely asserts that the government of Ghana's economic mismanagement has wreaked havoc on the country's populace, resulting in their own suffering.

He claimed that circumstances are so dire that he must spend more than 1,500 Ghana cedis on supplies for his high school student daughter.

Is there even a government here? He stated in the interview, "It looks like we just packed some people into a convoy for us to see if we have a government, but there isn't one."

I paid for free SHS. Are you aware of the items and supplies I sent to my daughter in Cape Coast on Monday, three days ago? Each month, I am required to provide my daughter with supplies worth $1,500.

We don't have a government, so there's nothing to talk about, in my opinion. Only orderliness exists among Ghanaians. He went on to say that as a result, they are living their lives in accordance with their discipline mentality.

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