Nana Ama Mcbrown Proclaims, "I'll Never Leave Media General."

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When Nana Ama Mcbrown announced that she would be joining Media General, social media went into overdrive. Her admirers and followers responded in a variety of ways.

Despite this, the actress was officially introduced as a new ONUA TV team member yesterday in a very extravagant greeting event.

As she greeted her new coworkers and superiors, McBrown declared that she would not leave ONUA TV no matter what.

She will work at ONUA TV for the rest of her life, as McBrown has made it clear. As a result, her managers and coworkers should be ready for her ongoing relationship with them.

A video of her making the same claim when she was still working for UTV has surfaced online in response to Mcbrown's remarks.

Mcbrown made it clear in the video before this one that UTV is her home and that nothing in the world will force her to leave the network.

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