Not interested in Highlife Artist of the Year, Epixode

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 Theophilus Nii Arday Otoo, better known by his stage name Epixode, is a Ghanaian musician who says he doesn't think he will win Highlife Artiste of the Year at this year's Ghana Music Awards.

The single "Atia" by Epixode is probably one of the best Highlife songs to come out in recent months. It topped the charts and got a lot of people streaming it.

Epixode, who is frequently referred to as a reggae and dancehall artist, asserts that being named "Artiste of the Year" in a particular genre necessitates more than just a single song.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Epixode said that "Atia" would help Highlife grow and be a learning experience for him as an artist.

The song did exceptionally well last year, and the initial goal was not to win an award. However, it will be an honor to be recognized for the contributions of all artists to the various versions.

He stated, "I will be pleased to get the best collaboration and the Highlife song of the year," but "I am not eyeing the Highlife Artiste of the Year award because it takes more than just a song to be crowned the artiste of the year."

When asked about his plans for the upcoming months, Epixode stated that he would soon release yet another groundbreaking Highlife song.

Because I'm new to Highlife, I have to write songs that are in line with the standards. He stated, "I am concerned about the longevity and originality of my music, but I am not in a hurry to keep releasing back-to-back songs."

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