Shatta Wale Has Now Gain My Respect – Blakk Rasta Confesses

Mrs Beauty

 After a video of Blakk Rasta rocking to Shatta Wale's music went viral because he had previously disparaged Shatta Wale's music, some fans expressed their dissatisfaction and how unhappy they were about the situation.

Shatta Wale warned the audience during a live broadcast not to make fun of Blakk Rasta because everyone learns in life and only fools don't. He spoke about a few subjects that piqued the interest of a lot of people.

When Blakk Rasta saw this live video of Shatta Wale, he became enraged and felt terrible about all the bad things he had said about Shatta Wale before.

Blakk Rasta asserts that because he was unprepared for Shatta Wale's response, he felt shivers throughout his body while watching and listening to the live video.

He stated, "You know why when I watch the video, I get chills all over?" Shatta Wale has amassed a sizable following in Ghanaian history.

The fact that Blakk Rasta has in good faith accepted whatever Shatta Wale has said about him, whether it is from the past or the present, is intriguing. Blakk Rasta asserts that Shatta Wale has earned his respect repeatedly and that they can encourage others to do the same with their unity.

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