Embarking On Galaxy S24 Excitement: Your Guide To Anticipated Deals And Offers

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The highly anticipated Samsung Unpacked event is just around the corner, set to unveil the next generation of Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S24. If previous launches are any indication, we could see Samsung Galaxy S24 deals surfacing shortly after the event on Wednesday, the 17th. To assist you in gearing up for this exciting release, we've compiled the most probable Samsung Galaxy S24 deals from various carriers and Samsung itself right on this page. It's not only a preview of potential offers but also the go-to page for the best deals once they become available, so be sure to bookmark it.

The first wave of Samsung Galaxy S24 deals is expected to open for orders right after the Samsung Unpacked event next Wednesday. For those eager to secure their device swiftly, our Samsung Galaxy S24 preorders page offers insights on grabbing a device immediately after the keynote. Additionally, our main Samsung Galaxy S24 hub page provides a comprehensive roundup of the latest rumors, leaks, and anticipated features for each device.

Reserve your Galaxy S24 now through Samsung's reservation campaign. Although the official announcement is pending, Samsung has initiated a reservation campaign for its upcoming smartphone series, likely to be the Galaxy S24. By registering with your email on the official Samsung site, you can reserve your spot and receive a notification once preorders commence, anticipated on the 17th of January. This free reservation campaign also comes with the perk of earning up to $100 in Samsung Store credit with your preorder – a great opportunity to snag some affordable accessories!

Expect potential freebies and discounts at Samsung's official store, which is likely to be a prime destination for unlocked Galaxy S24 deals at launch. Leaks suggest that Samsung may offer free memory storage upgrades as part of the preorder bonus, a common trend from previous launches. Trade-in options could provide substantial discounts, with expectations ranging from up to $600 to $700 off unlocked devices and up to $1,000 off carrier devices. Keep an eye out for complimentary accessories and exclusive colors, common features at the official Samsung store.

Verizon is poised to deliver top-notch carrier deals for the Galaxy S24, building on a strong track record of promotions. Recent months have seen Verizon offering not just trade-in rebates but also freebies like Galaxy Watches, Google Pixel Watches, and high-end Samsung tablets alongside Android phones. Keep in mind that eligibility for the best discounts at Verizon typically requires a new line on an unlimited data plan.

AT&T, known for its trade-in rebates, is expected to continue this trend for flagship devices like the Galaxy S24 at launch. Savings of up to $1,000 are common, although the best discounts typically tie in with an unlimited data plan. Potential monthly discounts without a trade-in requirement might also be on offer, though they are less frequent and generally provide lower overall savings.

Amazon, likely to stock unlocked devices at launch, may not offer significant upfront discounts initially. However, Amazon tends to excel in providing excellent cell phone deals on unlocked devices during major sales events. While immediate discounts may not be substantial, Amazon could match Samsung's preorder bonuses and present enticing bundle options for accessories like buds or a Galaxy Watch.

The launch phase, particularly the preorder stage, often features the strongest promotions for a new device. Barring major sales events like Black Friday, the initial phase tends to offer the most value for your money, coupled with the allure of getting the latest device right away.

As for the Galaxy S24 features, specifics are yet to be confirmed. Anticipate new chipsets, slight design tweaks, and potential AI-related features hinted at in promotional material, such as an AI-assisted zoom for the camera. The trendiness of AI suggests more AI-related additions to enhance the overall experience.


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