Dr. Bawumia Appoints Diverse Committee For 2024 Manifesto Development

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In a strategic move towards shaping the future of Ghana, Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has announced the formation of a sub-committee tasked with developing the 2024 manifesto. This distinguished committee comprises notable figures such as Defence Minister Dominic Nitiwul, Ambrose Dery, and Henry Quartey, former and current Interior Ministers, respectively, among other esteemed individuals. Their collective expertise and diverse perspectives are poised to drive inclusive and forward-thinking policies for the nation.

A notable addition to the committee is the appointment of renowned economist Kwame Pianim as an advisor to the economic sub-committee. Pianim's wealth of experience and deep understanding of economic dynamics will provide invaluable insights in crafting strategies to propel Ghana's economic growth and prosperity. His appointment underscores Dr. Bawumia's commitment to assembling a team of exceptional talent to tackle the challenges and opportunities facing the nation.

The comprehensive list of the 2024 Manifesto committee, including these appointments, was recently released and signed by Dennis Miracles Aboagye, the communications director of the campaign team. Dr. Bawumia has charged the committee with the crucial task of engaging with stakeholders across various sectors to ensure that the manifesto reflects the aspirations and needs of all Ghanaians. This inclusive approach emphasizes transparency, accountability, and participatory governance in the manifesto development process.

In a separate event last year, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Kwesi Ofori bid farewell to his distinguished career after serving the nation for 35 years. His dedication and commitment as a police officer were honored with a parade, which he inspected with pride. DCOP Ofori was presented with a citation recognizing his exemplary service and unwavering dedication to upholding law and order in Ghana. His legacy serves as an inspiration to current and future generations of law enforcement officers, embodying the values of integrity, professionalism, and service to the nation.

As Ghana looks towards the future, the formation of the 2024 Manifesto committee and the recognition of exemplary public servants like DCOP Kwesi Ofori underscore the importance of visionary leadership and collective action in shaping a prosperous and inclusive society. With a commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and excellence, Ghana is poised to chart a course towards a brighter future for all its citizens.


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