Alexander Akwasi Acquah's Vision For Mortuary Management: A Commitment To Dignified End-Of-Life Care

Kutl Ahmedia

Alexander Akwasi Acquah, the Deputy Health Minister-designate, has articulated his readiness to oversee the Mortuaries and Funeral Facilities Agency (MoFFA) if confirmed for the position. During his vetting by Parliament’s Appointment Committee, Mr. Acquah expressed his eagerness to manage MoFFA, emphasizing his commitment to the responsibilities that come with the role. He affirmed his willingness to handle the mortuaries within the Ministry of Health, citing the need for dedicated leadership in ensuring the effective management of funeral facilities across the country.

Born on December 8, 1974, in Akim Oda, Alexander Akwasi Acquah boasts an extensive background in healthcare management. As the chief executive officer of the Community Hospitals Group, he has spearheaded initiatives to improve access to quality healthcare, including the establishment of modern mortuaries. Under his leadership, the Community Hospitals Group has expanded its reach, with several health institutions operating across the Greater Accra and Eastern Regions of Ghana. Notably, the Group has prioritized dignified end-of-life care by establishing modern mortuaries in strategic locations, enabling families to preserve their loved ones' bodies adequately before laying them to rest.

Beyond his healthcare endeavors, Alexander Akwasi Acquah is an active member of the New Patriotic Party and currently serves as the Member of Parliament for the Akim Oda Constituency. In addition to his legislative duties, he has demonstrated a strong commitment to community development through various initiatives. From supporting the elderly during Easter celebrations to donating medical equipment and aiding in infrastructure renovations, Mr. Acquah's contributions have positively impacted the lives of constituents. His dedication to public service extends to education, as evidenced by his provision of mathematical sets to junior high school students in the constituency.

Alexander Akwasi Acquah's nomination as Deputy Health Minister holds promise for advancing the management of funeral facilities and promoting dignified end-of-life care in Ghana. With his wealth of experience in healthcare management and his track record of community-oriented initiatives, Mr. Acquah is poised to contribute significantly to MoFFA's mandate. As he prepares to assume this crucial role, his commitment to ensuring quality healthcare and holistic support for Ghanaians in their final moments reflects his unwavering dedication to public service and community welfare.


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