Alleged Police Brutality: Woman Claims Her Ear Was Severed In Interrogation

Kutl Ahmedia

 In a shocking turn of events, the Ghana Police Service is embroiled in yet another allegation of brutality, with a woman named Judith Yaa Kumah accusing officers of severing her ear during an interrogation. The incident unfolded after Judith visited the police station to inquire about her boyfriend's arrest on criminal charges. However, instead of receiving answers, she found herself thrust into a nightmare of alleged abuse and intimidation. According to Judith's mother, her daughter's visit to the station quickly spiraled into a nightmare when she was informed that not only was her boyfriend arrested for armed robbery, but she too was implicated in the crime. Despite vehemently protesting her innocence, Judith was detained and subjected to interrogation by CID officer Clement Suputour. It was during this interrogation that the situation took a gruesome turn, with Judith alleging that Suputour forcibly pulled her ear with a metal object in a bid to extract a confession. The disturbing allegations have sparked outrage and condemnation, shedding light once again on issues of police brutality and misconduct within the Ghana Police Service. Despite the denial of the allegations by Police Inspector Judith, the severity of the accusations is underscored by the acknowledgment of the incident by higher-ranking police officials. Calls for accountability and justice echo across social media platforms and civil society, demanding a thorough investigation into the alleged misconduct and appropriate disciplinary action against those responsible. As Judith's quest for justice unfolds, her ordeal serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for reforms within law enforcement agencies to ensure the protection and rights of all citizens.

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