Mahama's Second Coming: A Divine Mission To Transform Ghana

Kutl Ahmedia


In a fervent declaration of faith and conviction, Joshua Hamidu Akamba, former National Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), heralds the return of former President John Dramani Mahama to power in 2025 as a divine intervention ordained by God to rescue Ghana from the grip of economic hardship under the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP). Akamba asserts that Mahama's resurgence is not just inevitable but a sacred mission to break the shackles of suffering and steer the nation towards prosperity.

In an exclusive interview on TV XYZ morning show Dwabose with Kwame Minkah, Akamba passionately articulates Mahama's role as a transformative leader destined to fulfill unfinished projects and alleviate the burdens of ordinary Ghanaians. He challenges detractors to identify any project in the NDC's Greenbook that Mahama did not complete, emphasizing the former president's commitment to delivering on his promises and propelling Ghana's development agenda forward.

Addressing pressing concerns about unemployment, Akamba unveils Mahama's visionary 24-hour economy policy as a panacea for youth unemployment and economic revitalization. This groundbreaking initiative, a cornerstone of Mahama's re-election campaign, aims to stimulate job creation and economic growth by fostering round-the-clock business operations across all sectors. Akamba underscores the policy's potential to generate sustainable employment opportunities and drive inclusive prosperity for all Ghanaians.

As Mahama pledges unwavering dedication to implementing the 24-hour economy policy, Akamba rallies the NDC faithful and all Ghanaians behind the cause, urging vigilance against electoral manipulation and a steadfast commitment to securing Mahama's victory in the 2024 elections. He calls upon party members to prioritize the interests of the NDC and remain steadfast in their resolve to propel Mahama back into power, positioning Ghana on a trajectory of progress and prosperity under his visionary leadership.

In the fervent proclamation of Joshua Hamidu Akamba, the impending return of John Dramani Mahama symbolizes not just a political resurgence but a divine mission to herald a new era of transformation and prosperity for the people of Ghana. As the nation braces for the electoral contest ahead, the rallying cry for Mahama's second coming reverberates as a beacon of hope and renewal, igniting a spirit of optimism and unity across the nation.


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