Government is aware of the significant influence education has on citizens' lives and the country, according to Bawumia

Kutl Ahmedia

The administration is aware of the important role that education plays in the lives of our citizens and the nation, according to Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

This, he claimed, supports the government's determination and commitment to make sure that not only are the obstacles to education eliminated, but also that the complete complement of our children's education is well-cared for.

On Friday, August 5, Dr. Bawumia commissioned the Sheikh Sharubutu Mosque, a magnificent structure constructed by the National Chief Imam, as well as an Islamic School next to it, in Joma Ablekuma. He did this while paying tribute to the 103-year-old Sheikh Sharubutu.

He declared, "The Chief Imam performs his good deeds out of his undeniable dedication to society's general improvement. Sheik Sharubutu has consistently advocated for and actively fought for our people's upliftment on a balanced and spiritual level. His admirable achievements and vital social contributions are never done for glory or personal benefit.

"I have absolutely no doubt that our Almighty Creator will lavishly and justly reward him for his exceptional good acts, such as the creation of this lovely mosque and school for our Joma-Ablekuma villages," the author said.

Dr. Bawumia stated that the government is aware of the enormous contribution Sheikh Sharubutu has made, particularly in the field of education, and he is both a friend and ally of the government.

"Education has always been the foundation for national development since it empowers young people to overcome their socioeconomic hardships and circumstances and to contribute to the creation of a better country.

"The government is aware of the significant impact that education has on the lives of our citizens and the country. This supports the government's determination and commitment to making sure that obstacles to education are not only removed but also that our children's education needs are fully met.

Sheikh Usmanu Sharubutu is a friend and a gift from Allah to the government and to Ghana as a whole. He is also a friend of ours.

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