Ghana Braces For Weather Disturbances: GMet Issues Alert

Kutl Ahmedia


The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet) has issued a crucial alert warning of impending weather disturbances poised to sweep across the nation on Thursday, May 16.

According to the morning forecast, Ghana is expected to experience dual rainstorms, with one originating from northern Benin into Togo and another from Nigeria. These weather systems are projected to impact different regions of Ghana at distinct times throughout the day.

Regions along the coastline and in the northern areas are likely to face heavy downpours, accompanied by strong winds and thunderous conditions.

In their statement, GMet emphasized, "A rainstorm that is moderately producing thunderstorms with rain over northern Benin into Togo is expected to drift further westwards to affect the northern half of Ghana. However, a separate rainstorm observed over Nigeria is also expected to propagate westwards to affect the coastal and middle sectors of the country."

Given the heightened risk of flooding and wind damage, GMet has urged residents in vulnerable areas to exercise caution, stay informed about weather updates, and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

As the inclement weather approaches, it is essential for communities to remain vigilant and heed the advice and warnings issued by GMet to mitigate potential risks associated with these weather disturbances.

Stay tuned for further updates and stay safe during this period of anticipated weather disruptions in Ghana.


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