John Mahama Pledges Collaborative Efforts To Transform Ghana's Mining Industry

Kutl Ahmedia

Former President John Mahama, leading the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has reaffirmed his commitment to partnering with stakeholders to reshape Ghana's mining sector for the benefit of all citizens.

Speaking at the '3rd Annual Transformational Dialogue on Small-Scale Mining' hosted by the University of Energy and Natural Resources in Sunyani, Mahama emphasized the imperative of ensuring equitable distribution of Ghana's natural resources to benefit the entire populace, rather than a privileged few.

Acknowledging the pivotal role played by the small-scale mining sector in Ghana's economy, Mahama underscored its contribution to national development and livelihoods.

However, Mahama did not shy away from highlighting the sector's challenges, notably environmental degradation, safety hazards, and the scourge of illegal mining activities.

In his address, Mahama stressed the urgency of prioritizing environmental preservation and resource protection for future generations. He advocated for proactive measures to rehabilitate areas affected by illegal mining and encouraged investment in renewable energy sources to reduce reliance on conventional mining practices.

"As the next president of the Republic, I am deeply committed to collaborating with all stakeholders to craft a new vision for our country's mining industry," Mahama affirmed during the dialogue.

"We must ensure that Ghana's natural resources are managed to benefit all our people, not just a few," he added, emphasizing the inclusive and sustainable development of the mining sector.

Mahama's remarks underscore a commitment to harnessing Ghana's mining potential while safeguarding environmental integrity and promoting social equity. His vision aligns with the broader imperative of balancing economic progress with environmental stewardship, a cornerstone of sustainable development.

The dialogue hosted by the University of Energy and Natural Resources provided a platform to address critical issues facing the mining sector and explore innovative solutions to enhance its contribution to national development.

Mahama's proactive stance signals a collaborative approach to mining sector reform, emphasizing the importance of inclusive governance and responsible resource management.

As Ghana navigates the complexities of its mining landscape, Mahama's pledge to engage stakeholders and prioritize sustainability sets a promising course for the industry's transformation, reflecting a commitment to fostering prosperity that is equitable, environmentally sound, and enduring for future generations.


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